We have hundreds of plants, including summer bedding and vegetables available for home delivery, alongside a wide range of gardening essentials including compost.

We appreciate that purchasing products from lists is not ideal, we would suggest looking items up on our website or Google. If you are interested in Furniture, BBQ’s, Water features or Chimeneas please email your request to orderselmcourt@gmail.com and we will provide further product information.

We will be updating the spreadsheets and Pdf’s on a regular basis and add the date and time updated so you can quickly check if a newer version is available.

There are two ways to order from us.

 1) Order by using the 2 Excel Spreadsheets, Plant and Non-plant this is the quickest and most effective if you have a computer and Excel, the details of this option are at the bottom of this page.

 2) Browse the same information on the 2 .pdf’s, choose what you wish to order and type the full details onto an email and send to orderselmcourt@gmail.com

Summary main terms of Home Delivery orders

  • Minimum order value £50 (This is the combined value of both plant and non-plant orders – your total order) Struggling to reach £50? Maybe your neighbours would be interested to?
  • All products offered are subject to stock being available, which we will advise you and offer our nearest alternative if out of stock.
  • Sorry, No Elm Court Club Discount Applies at the moment for Home Deliveries as we have taken this discount to provide free of charge delivery service.
  • Delivery available within 10 miles from our Garden Centre – ME7 3JQ
  • Payment by credit or debit card by phone only.

How the system works – step by step

Ordering using spreadsheets

  1. Save a copy of the excel spreadsheet(s) to your computer / device and enable editing. There is one for plants and one for all non-plant items.  Please note there is a different tab for different product types e.g. one for bedding, bulbs and seeds. 
    NB When placing further orders in the future ALWAYS download a new version from the Website as it will be updated as new stocks arrive.
  1. TAB 1 provides your contact details and a summary of the items you have purchased.  Please ensure you complete all of your contact details accurately.  The rest of the page is not editable.
  2. Browse through the product types (TABS) adding the quantity of items required using the red column only.  You will note there is a total quantity and price at the top of each page. As you complete these the summary on the first TAB, near your contact details, will complete automatically. There are many TABS so use the arrow or dots to move to them to full the full range of products available.
  3. Email us at orderselmcourt@gmail.com and attach the spreadsheet(s). If you have any questions or requests for items not on these spreadsheets please list them in detail on your email, and we will endeavour to accommodate you.
  4. We will call you within 48 hours once we have checked the availability of all items and to clarify any questions we have. We will then agree final payment, take credit or debit card payment, and agree a delivery slot within 3-5 days. However, please note, we may have to adjust this dependent upon the volume of orders we receive.

Delivery will be to door step only and no contact will be made with you (which I am sure you are used to by now)

Receipt will be delivered with your order.

For home delivery enquiries please email orderselmcourt@gmail.com

Telephone 01634 813778