Tramontina Range

Tramontina Range

Modern, sturdy and nature-friendly furniture.

Is it possible for furniture to be pretty, comfortable, sturdy and sustainable? We guarantee that it is.


Tramontina Cona – Oca 5pc set

With the Tramontina Cona polyethylene table, you have the perfect piece of furniture to bring joy, enthusiasm and positivity to your environment. Made of rotomolded polyethylene, this table is sturdy and versatile, ideal for any commercial or residential environment. Whether in historic centers or in the shade of trees, its colours evokes the earthy nuances of Brazils natural riches, reminding us of moments of relaxation and vitality after enjoying a cup of espresso. It is 100% recyclable, contributing to a more sustainable world and demonstrating our commitment to the planet. Choose Tramontina and add elegance, beauty and a tropical touch to your environments!


Tramontina Paco 5pc set

Tramontina Paco Armchair in White Polyethylene will add much more beauty, style, and comfort to your environments. Made with an Italian design, it has a polyethylene structure and an up to 160 kg capacity. The Paco armchair is super modern and will change your spaces!


Tramontina Berta 5pc set

The Tramontina Berta Armchair in Coffe Brown Polyethylene is the perfect combination of comfort and modern style. Made from rotomolded polyethylene, this armchair is 100% recyclable, demonstrating Tramontina’s commitment to sustainability. 

Tramontina Jet 5pc set

Transform your environments with the Tramontina Jet ECO. I’m Green Bio-Based polyethylene armchair. Developed from sugarcane, it has a modern Italian design and will guarantee much more comfort and resistance in the environments where it is placed!


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