Plug Plants (Baby Bedding)

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Plug Plants

Plug plants are seedlings or cuttings and flower much quicker, they are sold separately, and can be potted on or weather permitting can be planted directly in the garden.

20 pack cell carry packs are seedlings which have been germinated and grown in trays of small cells. When the roots have grown sufficiently, they can be easily pushed out of the trays and either transplanted into larger pots or planted outside in the ground.

Potting on

When you’re ready, gently tweak each plug plant out of its packaging and plant each one into a 7-9cm pot, filled with a good quality, multi-purpose compost. This is what is known as ‘potting on’. Gently press the plug plant into the compost, adding more to top up the pot if necessary.

Final Position

When the plants are well rooted into the compost, and the risk of frost has passed, your plugs should be ready for planting out into their final position. Water them well 1-2 hours before planting out, and again when in position. Once in the ground, water regularly, especially in dry sunny spells

For stunning full hanging baskets & tubs don’t be afraid to plant them with a greater number of plants, baby bedding gives you more space to plant 6 or 7 varieties and up to 16 plants for example in a 12″ basket.