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Christmas lights

Christmas lights

Christmas lights and decorations

Be it string lights for your tree or house, light up ornaments and decorations for your lounge & living spaces, or an amazing array of impressive outside display pieces, we have everything you need to light up your home this Christmas.

LOW ENERGY COST CHRISTMAS LIGHTING – Many large light up items cost just 2p per day to run.

Noma Christmas lights are very efficient, the running costs are extremely low.

The 2m high stag still only costs 2p a day to run.

The cost of running 480 LED string lights also costs just 2p a day.

Be inspired to spread some joy this Christmas.

Our display of Christmas lights is even better this year.

Infinity Christmas Character lights

These delightful decorations are designed to captivate and mesmerize with their endless, shimmering glow.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these characters, whether they’re jolly Santa Clauses, cheerful snowmen, or majestic reindeer, exude a sense of timeless magic.

The infinity effect, achieved through a clever use of mirrors and LEDs, creates an illusion of infinite depth and radiance, making these characters stand out in the darkest of winter nights.

They are not just decorations; they are enchanting pieces of art that transform any windowsill or corner. They are double sided and can be viewed from outside and in.

Range of sizes, really good quality, double sided, mains powered, competitively priced from £12.99 to £99.99


Acrylic and rattan outdoor Christmas decorations

Acrylic and rattan outdoor Christmas decorations add a touch of rustic charm and contemporary elegance to your garden.

These charming characters bring the festive spirit to life with their unique blend of materials. Acrylic, known for its clarity and durability, is often used to craft intricate snowflakes, shimmering angels, and radiant stars that catch the winter sunlight, casting a magical glow during the holiday season.

Rattan, on the other hand, brings a natural and earthy element to the mix. Woven into shapes like reindeer, Santa Claus, and charming snowmen, rattan decorations exude warmth and authenticity.

Together, these materials create a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics and timeless traditions, transforming outdoor spaces into enchanting winter wonderlands that captivate the hearts of all who pass by.

Inflatable light up Garden Christmas Characters


1.2 m to 2.1 m tall

Mains electric powered


Love shivering snowman he actual shivers!


Prices from £39.99 to £69.99

Garden Christmas Characters (large)

The Christmas garden light up characters are made on a variety of frames, spun acrylic, grey rattan & brown wicker.

 Most products below are mains powered with LED transformer.

These are large striking designs which would look magnificent on a lawned or gravel garden, indeed some can be placed on upstairs windows (inside) with great effect. 

Serpentine Swan

1m with 400 lights or 60cm with 200 lights

Deer & Fawn Food

Acrylic Nutcracker and Snowman

Nutcracker and Snowman sold separately.


1.8m Pop up Snowman

Acrylic Angel 90cm

60cm Penguin family with 160 LED's on spun acrylic

96cm Two Reindeer sleigh with 90 LEDS on spun acrylic

80cm Dickensian snowman with 80 LED's on spun acrylic

1m Dickensian snowman with 120 LED's on grey rattan

1.5m Dickensian lamp post with 160 LEDS on grey rattan

1.5m Dickensian lamp post with 160 LED's on spun acrylic

1m Blenheim stag with 160 LED's on grey rattan

60cm Wreath with 1680 warm white micro LED's

60cm Star with 1920 warm white micro LED's

80cm Dickensian tree with 100 LED's on grey rattan

90cm Richmond deer & fawn with 230 LED's on spun acrylic

1.8m white jewelled willow tree 420 lights

2m antique white LED wispy black tree with 400 LED's

60cm Black & White Penguins

1.1m Richmond stag warm white standing brown wicker

1.4m Woburn stag white wire frame

Garden Christmas Characters (smaller)

Battery powered or mains power

5 Acrylic robin string lights

40cm acrylic Mrs Gingerbread

40cm acrylic Mr Gingerbread

25cm acrylic teddy bear

38cm pola bear with santa stop here sign

5 Acrylic reindeer light string

Christmas tree lights and string lights


We have dozens of different string light effects and each is available is several different lengths.

Indoor & Outdoor lights

Mains powered and battery powered

Icicle lights for house eaves decoration

Many many more in store.


Snowing icicles in either white, silver or copper

10 ball lights feather - battery operated

30 Vintage valve style LED string lights

Noma spectrum LED string lights with 10m lead in cable

Noma Antique white LED string lights

Noma Berry red LED string lights