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Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas Tree Decorations

This year we have seven suggested colour themes to help you inspire & select complimentary decorations and baubles to give you that perfect show stopper tree.

Whether adding to your current decorations or starting afresh, we have hundreds of hanging decorations to choose from.

Candy Cane & Gingerbread

Candy cane and gingerbread Christmas baubles are the epitome of sweet nostalgia and holiday cheer. These delightful ornaments bring the beloved flavors and imagery of Christmas treats to your tree, infusing your holiday decor with a sense of whimsy and warmth.

White, Black & Silver

White, black, and silver Christmas baubles bring a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic to your holiday decor. This color combination is a modern twist on traditional Christmas decorations, offering a contemporary and elegant look that is both striking and stylish.

White represents purity and serenity, while black adds a touch of drama and sophistication. Silver accents bring a sense of glamour and shine to the overall design. Together, these colors create a harmonious blend that feels both chic and festive.

Champagne & Blue

Champagne and blue Christmas baubles evoke a sense of elegance and serenity in Christmas decorations.

These exquisite ornaments blend the warm, muted tones of champagne with the cool, tranquil hues of blue, creating a harmonious and sophisticated color palette.

Whether they are adorned with intricate patterns, shimmering sequins, or delicate frost-like designs, these baubles exude a sense of timeless beauty.


Harlequin Christmas baubles bring a touch of whimsy and playfulness to your Christmas decorations.

Inspired by the classic harlequin pattern characterised by its diamond shapes and vibrant colors, these baubles are a delightful addition to any Christmas tree.

Each bauble is meticulously crafted with precision, featuring a harmonious blend of bold, contrasting colors and intricate detailing. Whether in shades of red, green, gold, or silver, they add a touch of sophistication and festivity to your holiday decor.

Christmas Fun

Fun Christmas baubles are the life of the Christmas party, adding a playful and lighthearted touch to your festive decor.

These baubles come in a delightful array of whimsical designs, bringing smiles and laughter to your Christmas tree.

From comical Santa Claus faces to quirky reindeer, and even miniature holiday-themed props like tiny presents, snowmen, tractors and cakes, fun Christmas baubles embrace the spirit of joy and celebration.

Romantic Pink & White

Romantic pink and white Christmas baubles bring an enchanting and dreamy atmosphere to your holiday decorations.

These baubles combine soft, pastel pinks with pristine whites to create a delicate and sophisticated color scheme.

They are perfect for those who appreciate a touch of romance and elegance during the festive season.

Traditional Red & Gold

Traditional red and gold baubles are iconic symbols of the holiday season, bringing a timeless and classic elegance to your Christmas decorations.

These baubles blend rich, deep reds with gleaming gold accents, creating a warm and opulent color combination that has been a hallmark of festive decor for generations.