Starter Kits & Homes

Starter kits & Homes for exotic reptiles and invertebrates


Looking to adopt an exotic pet but not sure where to start?

Elm Court’s exotic pet store offers a range of starter kits and accessories to make your transition to pet ownership as smooth as possible. Our starter kits include everything you need to get started, from enclosures and substrate to food and water dishes.

We also offer a variety of accessories to keep your pet happy and healthy, such as heat lamps, UVB bulbs, and hides.

Elm Court’s knowledgeable staff can assist you in selecting the perfect starter kit and accessories to suit your new pet’s needs.

Come and visit us today to see our selection and get started on your exotic pet ownership journey!

Snake Hatchling Starter kit

Invertabrate Starter Kit

Tortoise Starter Kit

Bearded Dragon Accessory Kit

Snake Accessory Kit

Leopard Gecko Starter Kit