Air plants

Air plants easy to keep and look stunning in your house.

Self contained world for your living room

Glass terrariums are perfect for that jungle feel in the home.

Purchase complete or we have a full range of products to help you make your own.

Air plants - all shapes sizes and colours

Whether trailing or table top they are fascinating to look at.

All shapes and sizes

Ready mounted air plants

We have a selection of ready mounted air plants or a range of accessories to make your own – be creative.

Ready to start

Air plants – discus with a team member in store what you need to start this facinating hobby.

Exciting range of air plants and accessories such as solvent free glue, bark, seed and pots etc.

Easy to look after, enjoy good natural light and are very good in bathrooms as they like humidity.

They prefer rain water rather than tap, but please they don’t like it too cold, let water reach room temperature before using.

Air plants thrive in a temperature range between 12 and 30 degrees C