Autumn and winter provide the perfect backdrop for embracing indoor hobbies like knitting and sewing.

We have a wide range of crafting materials, wool, knitting products, sewing and sewing kits and bags.

Alongside these with have wooden model making kits. These start from simple wooden kits to build and display to kits that you build and they have moving parts such as trains and Roller coaster.

Over 200 knitting patterns available including dog coat & blanket patterns.

King Cole Wool – We Stock a wide range, see the list below:


We have recently reviewed our wool range, as some have been discontinued by the supplier. We have added the Moments range with 9 new colours.



All your sewing needs covered here

Craft & Ribbon

Tapestry & Counted Cross Stitch

Including tapestry cushion covers.



Ideal for children or beginners.

Sewing Hoops, Canvas and Thread Boxes

DMC Silks

Robo Time wooden model kits

Model making from simple starter kits to really cool advanced moving models – models start from £9.99


CLICK HERE For a list of the Robotime Puzzles we stock