YardArt - Heritage

YardArt – Heritage


A collection of fun, quirky & contemporary designs of humanimals in HERITAGE vintage style! 

Each humanimal belongs to the ever growing and quirky heritage family at YARDART UK where hares, lions, deer and elephants have their own personality, and backstory to tell. From Countess Catherine, the original matriarch of the family to its newest members the blazing Lord Hector and the gullible Lord Percy, their connecting stories tell a tale of old money and new.

Brought to life in our innovative 3D framed presentation for creating that real to life Outdoor Living ambiance.



Hello Darling…

Our very handsome George is a rich and noble man, paragon of masculine elegance. Roaring George loves the ladies and they him, but his passion knows no bounds for his very fiery, beautiful wife ‘Countess Catherine’ – make a pass or cross her and see his wrath.  

They make a beautiful pair –  she is probably the only lady that matches him perfectly  and she certainly keeps him on his toes.  They fight like no other, but can’t live without each other.  Much to the amazement of everyone they work and make a wonderful power couple……However, he has still manag


Paired with Roaring George to make ‘The Modern Day Couple”

One would do well to stay on the right side of our ferocious but fabulous matriarch.  Regal, Beautiful and been described as ‘very smooth’.  Confident and well-mannered with a very sharp wit.  Love her or hate her she knows how to handle ‘Roaring George’ and they do make the most handsome of couples.  Great Party Guests.


The Duke has history…..but now a retired aristocrat he lives for the thrill of the chase, capturing unsuspecting hearts and setting hearts aflutter with his 
devilish handsome looks and long trunk:)…BUT not the ones not the ones you might think.  

He spends much of his time with Bewitching Bella – one would think they were a couple, but this most coveted girl in London seems not to interest him at all. Fancy that.

Being a  shrewd business man he tends to have many run ins with ‘The Wolf’, but society tongues are now wagging – are these feud deliberately caused by Jumbo to be close to Leonardo……only time will tell……and how will Leonardo feel when he finds out Jumbo’s true intentions…….


Leonardo is a wily merchant with feet firmly in the world of troublesome affairs.   Was it all legal?   The secret to his success?  Now that would be telling…..What little we can find out about him is he is polite, charming and slick, but quite possibly the last person you should business with….or part money with…….He took all his wives for granted and all marriages ended badly, but Leanardo doesn’t stay down for long…….and always comes out smelling of roses……well….almost….!

Many more designs displayed in our showroom