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Garden Decor

We have a wide range of beautiful garden decor products:

  • Colourful Wind Chimes and Spinners
  • Ornaments, large and small,  colourful and realistic and made from a variety of materials
  • Huge range of Solar lights

Solar lights & Garden Décor

Solar lighting is a fantastic addition to your garden for autumn, as it not only adds a charming ambiance but also helps illuminate pathways and outdoor spaces during the darker evenings. Here are some tips for using solar lighting effectively in your garden this autumn:

  1. Choose the Right Lights: Opt for solar lights specifically designed for outdoor use. There are various types available, such as stake lights, string lights, path lights, and lanterns. Consider the style and function that suits your garden best.
  2. Location: Place the solar lights strategically to make the most of the available sunlight. Ensure they receive direct sunlight during the day to charge efficiently. Clear any obstacles that might block sunlight.
  3. Pathway Lighting: Use solar path lights to illuminate walkways, driveways, and garden paths. This not only adds safety but also enhances the beauty of your garden at night.
  4. Accent Lighting: Highlight specific features in your garden, such as trees, shrubs, or statues, with solar spotlights or floodlights. This creates a dramatic effect and draws attention to key elements.
  5. Fairy Lights: String lights with solar-powered bulbs can be wrapped around trees, draped on fences, or hung in pergolas. They create a cozy and magical atmosphere, perfect for autumn evenings.
  6. Lanterns and Candle lights: Solar-powered lanterns and candles are great for tables, patios, or as centrepieces. They emit a warm, flickering glow that mimics real candles without the fire hazard.
  7. Timers and Sensors: Some solar lights come with timers or motion sensors. Timers can help conserve energy by turning the lights off after a certain period. Motion sensors can provide security and convenience by activating the lights when someone approaches.
  8. Maintenance: Keep the solar panels clean. Dust and debris can obstruct sunlight and reduce charging efficiency. Regularly clean the panels with a soft cloth.
  9. Autumnal Decor: Incorporate autumn-themed decorations around your solar lights. Consider adding seasonal elements like pumpkins, leaves, or fall-coloured flowers to create a warm, festive atmosphere.
  10. Energy-Efficiency: Solar lighting is eco-friendly, but it’s still important to choose energy-efficient LED bulbs to maximize the light output and prolong the battery life.

By following these tips, you can create a welcoming and well-lit garden space during the autumn season using solar lighting. It not only enhances the beauty of your outdoor area but also provides practical illumination for safety and enjoyment during the darker months.

Smart 365 Solar Lighting

Automatically adjusts brightness according to the amount of daylight received during the day, to provide light all year round.

Smart Solar Lighting

A miltitude of choice of solar lighting in stock. White or colour changing, parctical and or decorative.

Vivid Art

Garden Wall Art

NEW – Range of Modern Metal Garden Wall Art

Garden Wishing Wells and Wheel Barrows

Two sizes available.

Looks great planted with seasonal colour.