Vegetables, Fruit and Herbs

Fruit Trees

Autumn is traditionaly the time for planting fruit trees, bushes and plants so they can establish over winter and give you a first crop next year. Below is a selection of NEW plants in stock now.


Autumn Winter Vegetables

We have a variety of Autumn vegetables.

Oyster Mushroom Kits

These mushroom growing kits have everything you need to grow mushrooms at home. 

When you are ready to start growing, redeem the voucher inside the kit and fresh spawn will be sent directly to you, by quick post, at no extra charge! 

In-depth instructions and advice will make your experience both straightforward and productive, allowing you to harvest up 3-5 flushes of mushrooms.

Voucher code inside box to be redeemed when you are ready to start growing. This ensures that you only receive the freshest spawn to grow your mushrooms